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365 Coaching Club

Exclusive and individual mentoring.

Join the exclusive 365 Coaching Club and experience individual weekly coaching and mentoring sessions delivered via Microsoft Teams. 365CC offers you tailor-made support over a whole year to develop your full potential and achieve your goals.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski

Here are the benefits you can enjoy as a member of the 365 Coaching Club:

1. Individual coaching sessions: Enjoy personalized attention and tailored support in weekly coaching sessions tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

2. Experienced mentor: Benefit from the expertise and experience of your coach/mentor to help you overcome obstacles, strengthen your strengths, and take concrete steps to achieve your dreams.

3. Continuous support: We're here to support you throughout the year to ensure you stay on track and reach your full potential. We are here to support, encourage, and inspire you.

4. Convenience and flexibility: Our coaching sessions take place online via Microsoft Teams, so you can join from anywhere without having to spend time and effort traveling. Tailor your coaching to your schedule and get personalized support whenever you need it.

Invest in yourself and design your life the way you want! Join the 365 Coaching Club and let us walk your path to success together. 


1 year of weekly coaching

(45 minutes) 

Online - from the comfort of your own home

with teams

Rapid response for urgent concerns

Long-term support and change management

Best offer. Existing contracts will be counterbalanced.

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