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Your MPU preparation

Exclusive and individual mentoring.

Prepare professionally for your medical-psychological examination (MPU), conveniently and individually in our online coaching. With your own coach by your side and in all aspects of MPU preparation, whether it's points, alcohol or BTM. Get the support and expertise you need to be successful and get your driving license back. Start your path to a new chapter of mobility and independence now.


Staying on course again: Contents of your MPU preparation

Professional preparation for the medical-psychological examination (MPU) includes a range of content and focuses to ensure that you are optimally prepared for the exam.


1. Information about the MPU process: You will receive a comprehensive explanation of the entire MPU process, including the different phases and examination areas.


2. Analysis of the personal situation: Individual analysis of the personal reasons for the MPU application as well as the specific circumstances of the driving license revocation.


3. Reflection on the misconduct: Honest reflection on the misconduct that led to the driver's license being revoked, as well as acknowledgment of responsibility and consequences.


4. Preparation for the medical examination: Information about the medical aspects of the MPU, such as: B. the need for medical examinations and health status requirements. 


5. Preparation for the psychological examination:Develop strategies to cope with stress and anxiety during psychological examinations as well as practice interview techniques and self-reflection.


6. Sustainable behavior change and prevention:Develop behavior change and prevention strategies to ensure that the misconduct that led to the license suspension does not occur again.


7. Road Safety Knowledge:Refresh road safety knowledge, including traffic rules, risk management and road hazards.


8. Empathy and communication training: Training in empathy and communication to improve the ability to understand yourself and others on the road and to communicate appropriately.


9. Dry run and simulations: Conducting dry runs and simulations to prepare participants for the various exam areas and to give them a feel for the exam process.


10. Follow-up care and support: Providing follow-up and support throughout the MPU process, including preparation for possible follow-up exams.

We offer you individual preparation in a 1:1 setting with the coach online via Microsoft Teams. Comfortably from home. Without peer pressure and therefore completely confidential.


Basic course “Points”: EUR 599 if paid in advance.

Basic course “BTM”: EUR 649 if paid in advance.

Basic course “Alcohol”:  EUR 699 if paid in advance.


We would be happy to give you further information in a free preliminary consultation



Comprehensive processing of your MPU case

Online - from the comfort of your own home

with teams


with the coach. No peer pressure. Completely confidential

Optimal preparation, tailored to you

Fair prices.

Feel free to compare

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