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Coaching that makes the difference.

Experience personal growth from anywhere with your individual online coaching via Microsoft Teams. Flexible scheduling and convenient virtual meetings allow you to attend from anywhere. Take advantage of modern technology to achieve your goals. Start your journey to a fulfilling and successful life today – online with Microsoft Teams.

Coaching MPU Life Coach

Life coaching

Image by Vladislav Babienko

Discover your full potential with individual life coaching. I am here to help you define your goals, strengthen your strengths and overcome your obstacles. Experience tailored support tailored to your unique needs and start your journey to a fulfilling and successful life. Start today and take control of your life.

Career coaching

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Achieve your professional goals with our realistic and focused career coaching. Tried-and-tested, tailored support to take your career to the next level. I will help you set clear goals, overcome obstacles and develop a concrete action plan. Invest in your professional development and secure the success you deserve. Start your journey to a fulfilling career today.

MPU preparation

Image by Valerie Kaarna

Ready for a new beginning? With your tailor-made MPU preparation (points, alcohol and drug offenses) we will work together to find the best solution. Strategy to maximize your chances of a successful MPU. Start your journey back behind the wheel now and into a positive future.

Mediation and conflict counseling

Image by Sunguk Kim

Successful solutions through mediation. As a certified mediator according to the Mediation Act  I offer you a professional mediation framework to resolve conflicts fairly and effectively. This promotes open communication and helps you find a win-win solution together with other parties. Rely on my neutral mediation and take your future into your own hands. Contact me today and start the path to a harmonious and constructive solution.

On Track Coaching (OTCdaily)


Ready to achieve your goals with daily support? Our On Track Coaching (OTCdaily) offers you the motivation and focus you need. With daily quick coaching you can start the day goal-oriented and stay on track. Achieve your dreams step by step. Register now and get the best out of yourself every day.

365 Coaching Club

Image by Taras Chernus

Welcome to the 365 Coaching Club – your key to continuous growth and success! With our weekly individual sessions, we accompany you throughout the year to achieve your goals and master changes. Our specialized change management supports you in overcoming challenges and taking advantage of opportunities. Start your journey to personal and professional success with the 365 Coaching Club today.

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